At 7th Fret, we try to build a relationship with our students and their families. We enjoy hearing about their success in school and athletics and, most of all, we enjoy watching our students grow. It means a great deal to us when we can see our students leave us for college with their guitar slung over their shoulder. Thank you to all of our students and parents!

From Larry, Ethan F's dad

Recently, Ethan has been playing electric guitar in the Praise Band at our church and last Sunday he had an improv solo! The church members commented on his improvement from his early years in guitar...so praise to you and your program, Darin! 

From Nick S., 8th grade

As Darin's student for almost seven years, I've come to really appreciate what a cool and inspiring guitarist and teacher he is. Most importantly, Darin is nice and very supportive of his students. If we mess up in our lessons, he patiently explains and helps us to improve without raising his voice or making us feel bad. He is a great guitar player and he's able to effectively transfer his knowledge and love of playing to us. His focus on technique and musicality have helped me to grow a lot as a guitarist. Darin provides many opportunities for us to improve as musicians through performances and ensembles. Playing in ensembles has been important in helping me develop my playing. Darin really cares about his students and is a very encouraging teacher. He cares about us as guitarists and as people. I hope to play the guitar forever and to be Darin's student for a long, long time. 

From Jo, Sean's mom

Just wanted to say AGAIN, what a treasure 7th Fret is to our family.  Sean is loving guitar & was brave enough to try a few school related activities & presentations that tested his guitar skills.  He's even practicing hard to get into our church's Praise & Worship band!  Knowing how shy Sean is, it's wonderful to see him take musically challenging steps of faith.  Keep up the good work!

From Padraic, Summer's dad

Darin - You've been SUPER...since the first time you started with Summer. I'm not sure what kind of career/life Summer will have...but I know it will always involve music.  I especially appreciate you going into depth about music knowlegdge and some theory. The parent's night for your presentation on Careers in Music was especially welcome and helpful....for both Summer and myself. I wish Summer had more time to enjoy herself, but there's so much school work, commitments, and career decisions to be made. (I keep reminding myself it's a different era from when I grew up.) I just wanted to let you know ....all your hard work and assistance is TRULY NOTED...and TRULY APPRECIATED! Thanks again.

From Jamie, Jordaynelexi's mom

Ms. Helena is FABULOUS! Jordaynelexi originally had Mr. Ian, who left to go to school at YALE. I thought she would have a hard time adjusting after she left, but it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from someone new. My daughter loves her lessons with Ms. Helena! Because she loved playing guitar (her first instrument) so much she joined the band this school year. Jordaynelexi is now learning to play the Alto Saxophone as well as still learning more about the guitar!  Thanks Darin for having wonderful and inspiring teachers at 7th Fret Guitar!

From Jamie, Ethan W's mom

Ethan is loving Guitar!  Helena is terrific and a great match for Ethan.  We are so happy to have found 7th Fret!

From Kaleo, Logan and Gavin's dad

Aloha Darin, thank you for everything that Logan has learned.  He enjoys learning and playing guitar.  He is looking to learn more...ROCK/ALTERNATIVE...as you already know.  We are very happy that we have found a studio like yours.  We look forward to having Gavin start lessons with you soon.

From Alex, Father of Sebastien, Age 9, Honolulu

Sebastien has been taking group lessons with Darin for over 2 years and enjoys guitar as much now as he did when he started. Darin is an excellent teacher. He demonstrates techniques while giving students essential corrective feedback on bad habits but doesn't neglect to reward positive kudos as they progress. He earns the respect of the students by respecting them as individuals, communicating openly and effectively to their age group, giving them challenges that are attainable, and running the lessons in a prompt and organized manner consistently.

My kids have had many music teachers and unfortunately, they have not always liked or enjoyed their lessons not because of the music or the instrument, but because of the teacher. Sebastien enjoys music, and he enjoys playing music through his guitar, and he is able to work towards a mastery of the instrument because he like and enjoys his lessons, his assigned songs and exercises, and this is all possible because he likes and enjoys his teacher, Darin.

From Leighton, Ethan L's dad

Excellent program, facility and teachers (Jason and Helena).  Ethan is really enjoying guitar, and looks forward to the lessons.

From Jaime, Paige's mom

Just wanted to thank 7th Fret and Helena for all your hard work! Paige really enjoys her lessons and loves playing her guitar at home. Thanks again!!!!!

From Deb, Jason S's mom

Helena has done a great job teaching Jason.  She is always very patient, encouraging and supportive.  I think Jason has learned a lot and continues to grow. Thanks Helena!

From Karen, Blaine's mom

Jason is an awesome instructor!!  My son and husband look forward to guitar lessons on Saturdays.  You guys are all the best and keep up the wonderful job that you do.

From Dynah, Megan's mom

Megan loves coming for her guitar lessons and was really bummed out on one or two times when she's had to miss it.  I'm sure it has a lot to do with Helena who is always so encouraging.  I think she's inspired Megan to have a life long love of playing the guitar.

From Luana, Matt's mom

Matt enjoys his classes, most importantly they foster his love for playing guitar. He enjoys learning new things in class. Matt plays the guitar to relax and with that I know that the guitar will always be a part of his life.

From Miriam, Nathan's mom

Mr. Jason, Thank you for working with Nathan!  He loves guitar classes and was just asking when his next recital will be.  Thanks 7th Fret.

From Randi M., parent

I just wanted to say thank you for arranging a class to fit Jett in. He LOVED it! Helena was great! Jett really took a liking to her. I've never seen Jett sitting so still, paying attention and so serious before. He is usually full of energy and always goofying around so it was a nice change to see him so focused and concentrating.

From Vicky L., 10th grade

"Mr. Abe [Iolani School Stage Band Director] recommended you. He says you've taught Stephen and Daniel Lim who are pretty dern awesome." 

From Kristen, age 10

"What I like about guitar lesson is that my teacher Helena teaches me very well. And she's really patient, tutors me like she gives extra help, and telling me what to do and the right thing to do. She's the greatest teacher than my keyboard teacher. I'm happy to have a teacher like her." 

From C. Hartwell, mom of 10th grader

...it's nice to see [our daughter] have a sense of what she wants to accomplish by practicing.

That's what I would credit to you the most. Your patience, and kindness, even during days when you knew she didn't practice much, kept her coming to class. She also says you both have a lot of fun together, and so I can tell you noticed that she likes to have fun at the same time and you use that to keep her interested. You've also provided general guidance about young people over the years and even though you didn't have kids that age, the advice was really helpful and valuable because you have so much experience with students that age.

You are also a role model for your students as a young, fun, person with a life, who's making a living from his passion.

From Kathryn C., 6th grade

I like to take guitar because it gives you a responsibility to practice good even when your mom isn't listening. It's really great when you're struggling on a really hard piece and then you get it. You can finally say,"I did it!". The recitals are fun because you get to have a time to present what you have accomplished and how high your ability rose within those small amounts of time that you were given to improve.

From Lois S., Leah and Josh's mom

Please let Helena know that she is super great!! Leah and Josh had a lesson together this Saturday and they went in fighting as usual and came out talking and said they had a great lesson. The power of music!

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