What makes 7th Fret different from other methods of guitar instruction?

1. We have a well-developed curriculum that teaches students comprehensive music fundamentals. Our curriculum ensures students learn how to play chords, improvise, read music, and gain the fundamentals in music theory. Students learn through different styles of music (rock, jazz, blues, classical) in a fun and positive learning environment. Our curriculum, developed by Darin Au, is based upon over 20 years of formal training, his experience as a teacher and a department head, as well as educational research. In addition, our curriculum is far reaching. Teaching materials developed and music composed at 7th Fret are used by teachers and students in other parts of the United States. 

2. Since 1996, we have SPECIALIZED in guitar. Some music studios teach piano, ukulele, voice, bass, and a multitude of other instruments along with guitar. This is based on the business model that if they teach more instruments, they will have more students and more revenue. At 7th Fret, we put our students first. Quality teaching is our top priority; we strive to perfect the art of teaching the guitar. Our energies are 100% devoted to developing guitar curriculum and improving guitar instruction. After all, it is said that the guitar is the easiest instrument to learn but one of the most difficult to master. 

3. Our teachers are carefully trained and selected. All have received formal training in guitar. Instructors must meet strict qualifications in order to teach at 7th Fret. Our teachers all have performing experience in classical and rock venues so they are able to confidently teach the 7th Fret curriculum. They are also friendly and enjoy working with kids and teens. Each teacher's work with students is constantly reviewed and steps are always being made towards improvement. In addition, 7th Fret supports the professional development of each teacher's growth as an individual musician. 

4. Our students' performance and learning make us proud! Since 1996, our students have put on at least two voluntary recitals per year. Many form their own rock bands with friends at school (they're often known as “the guitar guy/girl” at school). From 2004 through the time of this writing (Summer 2009), students of 7th Fret and/or Darin Au have held the top guitarist position in BOTH the Iolani School Stage Bands and the Punahou School Jazz Band. We have also seen a few of our students go on to major in music and/or guitar performance in college. One of our teachers, Ian O'Sullivan (also a former student of Darin Au while at UH-Manoa), was accepted as a Master's student in guitar performance at Yale University in Fall 2009. View a student performance here

5. Our tuition is probably one of the best buys in Honolulu. Most prices of music lessons by qualified teachers are over $100/mo. Also, other kid-friendly group activities are priced much higher than our tuition. In addition, our class sizes are limited so students are ensured individual attention and gain from playing with other musicians instead of struggling to be heard. Find out about our tuition here.

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